Friday, March 16, 2012

Book, recommended, despite the title :)

Rebekah is hilarious. And honest, too. Even when I don't agree with her, she scores extra points for wit every time. For example, I like the "If you give a Mouse a Cookie" book, but I think I like her ridicule of these books even more:

If you give a mother a Laura Neumeroff book

Girls, do you know how wonderfully horrible that first year of motherhood can be? Know what you know more fully. Read this book.

boob hell
about Boob Hell (from the author)
I went to Boob Hell when I had my first baby. I thought I was the only person who'd ever been there. Then I thought every nursing mother had been there. I thought a lot of stupid things. It only seemed right to put them all in a book for other people to read.

My husband and I always referred to that year of our life as Boob Hell, so when this book needed a title I really couldn't come up with anything else. I'm sorry if you have to hide it from your kids. I'm hiding it from mine too. I commend to you e-readers.

Visit the website here to read more!
If you want to read it, buy it or buy it or borrow it through the Kindle lending library.  

Portrait of the author by Jack Gilbert

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  1. Hey, I wrote a book review with a subject line like that once. :D


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