Saturday, March 3, 2012

The calm jar

I actually did this thing I found on Pinterest, and it worked out quite well.

Introducing: The Calm Jar

(To learn how to do this, click here.)

Shake the jar and watch the glitter slowly settle.  Not only is it shiney and pretty, but it is a great object lesson.

"Calm yourself down. When the jar is calm and you are calm you may get out of the corner."

Of course, this is not for a child throwing a temper tantrum. Giving a glass jar to that child = bad idea.  

I use this for those moments when boys-being-boys has resulted in too many injuries or tears; when someone just can't seem to control his body or tongue; when 'grief' over a broken toy or whatnot has gotten out of control.

They don't want to sit down with the glitter jar.  They might glare at me and whine about it. But then they show me what they would never admit: Little boys are attracted to sparkly, pretty things too.

oooh. aaaaah.


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  1. "oooh. aaaaah. calm." Now THAT's the way to conclude a post - being a boy myself I can vouch for the possibility of that working. I might have to do one for myself. (◔‿◔) God bless Emily.

  2. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! LOL I so can't wait to try this with my 4 little boys!!! Thank you thank you!! :D

  3. Let me know how it works guys! I hope it brings some calm into your house!

    In this house, even 2 minutes of ONE child calm is a wonderful thing!

  4. I want to make one of these ♥ and what a great idea to use it to calm down. Kids really do need a minute sometimes- not to mention Momma too! What a fantastic way to entice them to chill out and look at something pretty-

    1. It does work pretty well! Especially when they are overly emotional about something and just need something to focus on. I try to play with it with them when they are NOT in trouble too, so that they don't see it as something for just when they are in trouble!

      And so far, nobody's dropped it on the ceramic tile! hooray!

  5. I like this as a calming for scraped news, etc. Great post!

  6. I like this idea a lot.
    New Follower from Make My Saturday Sweet,


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