Saturday, March 24, 2012

Coming soon? Sara and Clara

So I've been thinking a lot about writing.

It felt great to give life to the book that was on my heart. Every few days I hear from someone new who tells me they were encouraged by it. It is amazing and humbling. It makes me want to write more.

I love to blog, and I do hope to write another book in the next year, or two or three. 

Two or three books, or one book in two or three years? I don't know- that's partly up to you I guess! 
The more of you who volunteer to watch my kids, the sooner it will get done! Any takers?!

Just kidding. 
Sort of. 
Not really. 

But that's not my point.

Where was I?

Oh right. I love writing. Yes, I am working on my next book. It might be called "Half Nuts with Half a Dozen," and it is taking the form of a half-serious attempt to answer the question "How do you do it without going crazy?" No, make that 1/4 serious. Why do people assume I am not crazy?

And I love my family too, even though I also love taking breaks from them. I have been thinking more about using my writing for the good of my own family. 

I have accepted a writing assignment from my daughters. 

They want me to write a book for them, about twin sisters, Sara and Clara.

I can't say much more, only that it may or may not involve only one little brother named Theo, a climbing tree, a rainbow unicorn or two, a cloud castle, and a trampoline. 

Early brainstorming:

Clara's rainbow unicorn. 
(She only had a pen at Bob Evans that day, 
so you will have to imagine the rainbow.)

Sara's castle floor plan.
Notice the indoor swimming pool. Nice.
And her books have their own room too.
(It's called a library, honey.)

Is it going to be a fluffy, fun story to entertain, or is there going to be some kind of stealth life lesson? I'm still trying to make up my mind about that one.

We will see how this goes. If my girls like it, I might share a draft, if you agree to use it for experimenting on your own children and providing me with feedback.

No promises, though. This is new territory for me.  I might just let them use it for scrap paper :)

What do you think?

(I am asking in all seriousness)
Would you let your children read books that contained unicorns that acted like angels?
Do you think it is a bad idea to mix fantasy and truth?
Am I crazy for trying to add substance to a story about unicorns?

do you know anyone who might like to illustrate a children's book? If you do, they have to be willing to work without schedules or deadlines or goals of any kind.  My mommy job may require that I abandon all other projects at any time. :)


  1. Emily I think this is a great idea. Good stories come from ideas like this one. And why can't unicorns act like angels? Maybe the story will move from unicorns acting like angels to just real angels. I say go for it. Write what feels right and see what develops. Have fun! Blessings!

  2. I loved what the author of "The Problem of Suffering" said about this. Start at p48, but ...."see if you do not agree with the sub-creator of Middle-earth that such escape is very, very healthy for us sufferers."

    How fun! I especially love the little brother named Theo. :-)

  3. i know someone who could do illustration:) whitney vandercar! she's awesome:)

    1. I was going to say the same thing; her drawings are so cute:)

    2. I was going to say the same thing; her drawings are so cute:)


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