Monday, March 26, 2012

A heart with room for all people, and their buddies too.

The more the merrier, says Aggie, and that applies to people and stuffed animals, too.  This girl just loves her buddies.

Last week I was busy and grumpy in the morning, trying to hurry through the list of needs and get them out the door for school.

Aggie hurries too, but she stays cheerful and creative even in a rush.  That day, she brought one of her buddies to school for show and tell.  She found a fun way for him to ride, peeking out of her backpack so it could see.

"Mommy, look at my buddy mommy! Can you take a picture of it?" Her voice reached me through the other voices clamoring for me, but her request was not as urgent as the diaper leak and the mess and the fighting boys.

"Aggie, not right now honey, I have a million other things I need to get done first, OK?" I huffed.

"OK." She said quietly, her big eyes sad for a moment, but she shook it away.  She skipped off to show her sister and left me to my grumpy self in the kitchen.

Oh Aggie, you and your buddies, I thought while I continued to plow through my list.  They mean so much to you.

She likes her buddies arranged just so on her bed.  Right now she has about 20, and they are all neatly arranged every day before she leaves for school.

These are some of her most special buddies:

These buddies shared her hospital bed with her that year.

George even got an EEG when Aggie did.

and Dr. Bear helped her not to worry on the day of her surgery.

I hurried through the necessary tasks, and finally found a calm moment before school.

"Aggie, will you let me take your buddy's picture now?"
"Sure mommy!" 

"Me too Mommy!"

I love when they force me to stop and really look at their sweet faces.

They smile, and I cheese. :)


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  1. My bookends, the oldest and the youngest, are the hoarders of all things stuffed. The oldest, being 13, has pared his collection down quite nicely. But the little guy, oh my. I think there is more room on his bed for those stuffed critters than there is for him!

  2. You have a beautiful family! Love your blog!!


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