Thursday, March 8, 2012

MRI results

Monday, Aggie had her routine MRI.
Yesterday, we heard the results.

No Change.

What wonderful words. 
No change today. Another day like yesterday.
Another day of grace.

He had no obligation to do so, yet God graciously showered on us day after day of seizure freedom. He gave us an Aggie in bloom once again. He restored her energy, and her joy for life. The door to my heart creaked open ever so slowly, and He gave me the courage to love healthy Aggie again.
            I remember the moment the dam burst. It was about a week after surgery. Aggie and the other children were eating lunch; jabbering, teasing, joking around the table. I wish I could remember the joke that inspired The Laugh that broke down all of my walls, but I cannot. I only carry the memory of an unexpected moment, a sudden, shocking lightning bolt of joy that went from her lips to my heart.
            It was a girly little giggle, a giggle that turned into a beautiful and contagious belly laugh. It took me completely by surprise. I had forgotten she could laugh like that. She used to do it all the time, but I had forgotten. I had been loving sick Aggie for so long that I had forgotten many things about the way she used to be.

  The way she is again.

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