Friday, March 9, 2012

Perfect Motherly Accessory (Mom Tips You Can Use:)

Fellow mothers of small children, consider for a moment how your wardrobe had changed since you have become a mother.  High have been heels replaced by sneakers. Necklaces remain unworn, because if they are worn, they will surely be drooled upon or eaten. Shirts are chosen not for appearance, but for absorbency, with colors that will hide the various shoulder stains.There is no time for fussing with pantyhose when the child is pounding on the bathroom door.

We’ve come to accept it. We must dress appropriately for our job.

Now that you have reached this crucial state as a mother, ceasing from covetousness of style and glamour, and humbly donning your practical uniform each day, let me offer you one more accessory to complete your work uniform:

The ziplock bag holster

With a ziplock bag always at your right hand, you are finally fully prepared for your day. 

You will be ready when:

Diapers come at you from all directions
They want you to save “it” for later
You need a place for the snot rags
You are inspired to do an on-the-fly science experiment
You are handed a poo-covered shoe
Someone randomly gives you fresh produce
Someone wants you to hang on to their tooth
Someone captures a frog and dubs him his "new best friend"

1 package of Ziplock bags
1 belt
Scissors or sharp knife

Step 1
Open box and remove all bags. (Trust me, you do not want to accidentally poke holes in your bag. Your job demands accessories that WORK when they are called upon.)

Step 2
Slit 2 holes in the box.
Weave belt through holes

Step 3
Replace bags.
(You may also want to slip a small container of hand sanitizer in the side of the box.)
Your new accessory is ready to wear!

Feel free to allow children to color or bedazzle your new accessory. Consider making holsters in multiple colors for use with different outfits.

For variety, use colorful tissue boxes instead!

This “mom tip you can use” has been brought to you by Emily!


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  1. This would have been useful! Great idea. :)

  2. Using ziplocks is really useful especially if you want to keep your things in order.
    new parents support group nyc


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