Thursday, March 15, 2012

a serious question about biters

My three year old has me at my wit's end tonight. He bit three different people today.

One sibling.
One high-schooler.
One little guy- not a brother.

It is not very fun to be the mom that says, "So you might see some teeth marks on your little guy's arm today.  Yeah, sorry about that. My guy bit your little guy for no reason."

I could really use your advice, friends. If any of you have had "biters" before, please share your wisdom with me.

Cute smile. Strong jaws.
A few things about this child:
- he's generally quite happy and sweet
- he has a temper that flares HOT and quick- this sometimes leads to angry biting
- he loves to wrestle and play on the trampoline- this sometimes leads to excited biting
- he has bitten completely unprovoked- including the baby minding his own business! bored biting?!
- he also pinches (hard) in these situations, too.

- other words to describe this kid: Happy, cuddly, cheerful, compliant, affectionate, eager-to-please (and this is why this confuses me so much!)

Tips? My mind and ears are open!


  1. Testing... some people seem to be having trouble commenting! Figures, on this post, that blogger would give me trouble!

    Makes me want to go BITE something! RRGGGHHH!!

  2. Well, looks like it is back on again. Don’t bite anything!

  3. I have a 3 1/2 year old boy that went through a biting spell at about 2. He was also super active so nose in the corner for 1 minute per bite seemed to get through to him. Or as hubby says, until WE have calmed down! Have a 1 1/2 year old boy who tired bites. Simple scolding crushes his heart and he stops.
    Had a nephew that was a BAD biter. His grandma resorted to washing his mouth out with vinegar. At 18 he can smell vinegar from a mile away & demands to know why anyone has it out. Needless to say, he didn't bite for long after grandma got desperate.
    Good news is this too shall pass! But I agree, no one wants to be the biter's mom!

  4. Today was a better day, no bites, but a few pinches that drew blood. Little guy seems pretty sorry after the fact, but WOW his temper comes hot and fast!

    Vinegar is on my list of possibilities. Hoping it does not come to that. :)

  5. A good hard bite back. According to my mom& grandfather, and it works.
    My niece used to be a vicious, pit bull like biter. Once she locked her jaw on the boy he'd squeal! And wouldn't let go.


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