Thursday, March 15, 2012

A trough for them, and a break for you.

'Round the Table Meal

Why had this never occurred to me before?
(Many thanks to you, Carol Drews!)

For lunch, or the nights when dad is not home and you don't really feel like cooking... Just throw some food on a plate and let them stand around while they eat!

Or, sit, as they did one warm night in February..


Rules for the kids
1. Take one thing at a time- no need to hoard! I can always make/cut up more! (this one is hard for the 2 year old!)
2. If you've already had one, wait till the others have one before you take a second.
3. You don't have to eat anything you don't want.
4. If you take it, you eat it. Or you find someone else who will.
5. No running around. Stay around the table (or on the blanket) until you are excused!

stand-around snack
Rules for Mom
1. Fill the plate with healthy stuff so you don't have to hover. (Who cares if they eat only 2 things? They will get their tummies full!)

2. Know that if you share with them, you might accidentally bite into something with slobber on it. Either be vigilant, or eat your own stuff.

Three Pigs in a pod :)3. Yes, it is a little bit like feeding pigs from a trough. Try not to tease them about that. If you do, the boys will probably start oinking and picking everything up with their mouths, and the girls will demand plates.

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  1. I love it - especially the rules for us moms :-)

  2. Emily,

    That post was great!! I found myself laughing out loud!!

  3. Yes! The "snack plate" dinner! It's a several-times-a-week necessity around here, especially when the weather warms up and littles cannot stop running around in the sunshine.

  4. For my growing boys, this is no longer enough to get them through. Although when I do this for snacks they think it's the best! Cut up fruit, vegies, cheese, meat and crackers. Makes a good simple lunch on Sundays, too. But then I have to be ready with supper at 4!

  5. Yes, it is great for those nights outside! They just pop off the trampoline and grab a snack and hop back on! (So far no food has been smashed into the trampoline.. I'm sure that won't last!)

    Jenny- for the bigger boys... maybe you could add hard boiled eggs... or chicken legs! Or steaks!


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