Wednesday, April 18, 2012

baby prayer

This is my god-daughter.

May God bless her, every day as she grows up in Him,
and today, as she is in my care.

What do you think of the picture? Cute, or a little too "Catholic?" 
Or maybe both?

Either way, I love this sweet girl!!!

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  1. Too cute? Never!

    Too “(Roman) Catholic”? Never

    That will be a good reminder throughout her life... God was there when she was “too small” but never too small for His love and care.

    Excellent photo and excellent blessing for her.

    1. "God was there when she was “too small” but never too small for His love and care." Exactly what I'm hoping for :)

  2. where's the rosary:)

    i do remember when i was younger asking why jesus was still on the cross!?!? i never owned a crucifixition cross

  3. As one who was raised Catholic... I remember being a bit scared of this. Probably because I remember a nun yelling at me, "You think it hurts to kneel on your skinned KNEE? How bad do you think it hurt Jesus to DIE on the CROSS for you?!?!"

    Trust me, grandma, I don't say things like that to your grandbabies! I take more of the "see how much he loves us" approach :)

  4. I think it's beautiful. A picture that should be treasured for years. A picture that serves as a reminder for us adults who get too busy to stop at the cross.


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