Friday, April 27, 2012

The kingdom is like...

The kingdom is like a sower who has various results when he sows the seed. 
The disciples would find the same results when they sowed the seed of the Word. 
Face this reality, Jesus said. 

The kingdom of heaven is like a seed that falls where it may, and you have no power over what happens to it after it is sown. 

But you can be sure that some of it will fall on rich ground and that it will grow. 

 The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure in a field. 

Don’t be so concerned about convincing people of the value of your message, 
Jesus taught the disciples. 
People will give up everything they have to obtain the treasure you hold out to them. 

The kingdom of God is like a man how sows seed in his field. 
Then, as he sits back and watches it grow, he has no idea how it is growing. 

He even sleeps, and do you know what? 

It still grows.

---Gospel motivation by Robert J Koester

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