Friday, April 20, 2012

A mama with special needs

Today I am honored to guest post over at Pam is also a mother of six who blogs to keep her sanity!  Stop by her site today and have a look around!

Because I have a child with special needs, I am a mama with special needs

"As it turns out, it is ok to need things. Yes, even as a mother; perhaps, especially as a mother. Today, I’ll tell you what I needed then, as a mom of a daughter with special needs.

My daughter is healthy now, and it turns out I still need most of these things."

Read the rest of this post here.

And tell me mamas, can you say it out loud?


What do you need?


  1. Emily, thank you so much for sharing your experience and your heart with my readers today!

  2. Happy to, Pam! Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  3. I really resonated with what you said in your paragraph on "I need to keep my hands open to receive drops of joy." During the dark years with my son's health and behavior struggles (and things still get intense at times but it's not remotely like it was), it was hard for people to accept the sense they got from me that it was just pretty much "hard all the time." I think they couldn't get past their expectation that I ought to just be happy all the time because, after all, he was the fulfillment of my 8+ years of longing for a child, right? And shouldn't that just make everything easier?


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