Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Slackers: the up side of rule-breaking

From my dad:

You've probably heard that old saying, "Rules are made to be broken."
Well, that was my motto! If there was a rule anywhere near me, I'd break it just to make a point. 

Nobody was going to tell me what to do. 

(And all the moms reading this who have children like you are sighing. Yep, that sounds about right.)

My cousin is sitting in the frame of the baby buggy 
that we eventually turned into a go cart.

We would push each other down the hill in the winter and crash into snowbanks. 
That's why there's only a frame left. 
That's me in the cowboy hat."

(A cowboy hat, mind you. not a helmet. Of course not.)

So, why this aversion to rules, dad? 
Someone like me has a hard time understanding that way of thinking. Don't you know that life is more peaceful when you just obey the rules?  

"I guess I just figured I'd do the telling. That's probably why I became the boss at the few" real jobs"  I had. Then of course when you own the business you're the boss."

This is why he owned a business, and then another one.

He likes to do things on his terms, in his way. And often, his way really is better. More efficient. 
More work with less effort.

Now that's something even I can appreciate.

My theory (my hopeful, optimistic theory:) The child who seems determined to break every rule, may be destined for a great leadership role someday. 

Now, to figure out how to keep us all alive until then....


  1. War of the Worlds... Clash of the Titans... When Two Worlds Collide

    Yep, any of those movie, song titles fit. Difficult being a parent. Perhaps you trump card in all this is what every parent ultimately resigns himself or herself to: “Wait till you have kids!”

    As a father and grandfather, it is so much more fun being a grandparent at those difficult times.

    Here’s praying that you will all survive, prosper, grow, and love one another throughout the whole process.

    Blessings in Christ,


  2. Mr. Gates,
    I prefer "intellectually effecient"!


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