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Interview your child at the end of the school year *UPDATED

It seems like only yesterday...

first day of school, 2009

At the end of my daughter's first year of kindergarten, I was ready to celebrate. I was proud of her, and I was proud of me for making it through my baby's first year of school. I was excited to have her home. 

I greeted her that last day of school with special treats, made by her brothers and sisters. I had saved some of her special artwork and papers, and I put together in a scrapbook for her. We looked through it together on the couch and talked about the year.  It was wonderful.

I have three kids coming home from their last day of school tomorrow. (Finishing kindergarten, first grade, and third grade.)

Would you like to see my scrapbooks this year?

Sigh. Those papers crammed in files are not going to get organized by tomorrow. Maybe that will be a summer project, and maybe this year, they can help me with it. I really just don't feel like sorting through all those papers right now.

I have another year-end celebration idea this year.

I will interview them.

I have not yet decided if I am going to ask them these questions on camera, or just write down their answers on paper.  Maybe both. This is not going to be a normal after school conversation. You know, the one like this:
"Hi honey, how was school?"
"It was good."
"What was your favorite thing today?"
"Everything. What's for snack?"

Do you have stimulating conversations like this at your house?

I want them to talk. 
I want to see through their eyes. I want to hear about the funniest kid in class, and what they like to do for recess when it rains. I want to know their favorite silly songs, their favorite books, their favorite thing for lunch.  Today. 
Because these days are flying by.

I want to set the anchor down for just a moment, and spend time with them, right here.
Would you like to do that too?

I wrote some questions to get them talking.
I think you might like them.

Interview your child at the end of the school year!


1.       This school year is over. How do you feel about that?
2.       How was this year different from last year?
In the classroom
3.       What did you like most about your teacher?
4.       Who do you like to sit by in class?
5.       What is your favorite subject? Why?
6.       Name two books that you read this year that you liked. What did you like about these books?
7.       Did you have any extra helping jobs in your classroom this year? What were they?
8.       What jobs did you like? What jobs did you dislike?
9.       Who do you play with at recess?
10.   What is your favorite thing to do when recess is outdoors?
11.   What is your favorite thing to do when recess in indoors?
12.   What was the best birthday treat you had this year? Do you remember whose birthday that was?
13.   What songs do you sing at school? Tell me three of your favorites.
14.   Tell me about the one field trip this year.
15.   What was your favorite lunch?
16.   Did you like art class? What was your favorite project?
17.   What was the best thing about music class?
18.   Did you learn anything about computers this year? What?
19.   If you could only wear one outfit to school for a week, what would you wear?
20.   What is your favorite after-school snack?
21.   What do you usually do right after school?
22.   What else would you like to remember about this year? A funny story?
23.   If you fell on the playground, who would come running to help you?
24.   Who likes to make everybody laugh?
25.   Who likes to wear fancy clothes to school?
26.   Who likes to get dirty?
27.   If you started a snowball fight, who would join you?
28.   If I told you someone had to stay in for recess, who would you guess it was?
29.   Who runs the fastest?
30.   Who talks the loudest?
31.   If you needed someone to help you with your homework, who would you ask?
32.   If you were sad and needed someone to talk to, who would you choose?
33.   If you could spend a week with somebody else’s family, what family would you choose?
God’s care
34.   Do you remember any of your memory verses? Do you have a favorite?
35.   Did you have prayer time at school? What are some of the things you prayed for?
36.   Did God answer any of those prayers?
37.   Do you think you will like school next year? Why or why not?
38.   What do you think will be different next year?
39.   Did God take care of you at school this year? What did He do?
40.   What do you like about summer?

Thank you, God, for blessing me during this school year. Thank you for my teachers, principal, and pastor. Thank you for all of my friends. Please watch over all of them, and me too, this summer.  Thank You for Your unbreakable, never-stopping, deeper-than-the-ocean love for me. Thank you for always watching over me, Your dear child.

In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Was this post a blessing to you?
Please, pass it on to somebody else!

What do you do to celebrate the end of the school year?


  1. This is such a great idea! We'll be doing this at our house. 7 more days!

    1. awesome! I'd love to hear how it goes!

  2. Wow, your kids are lucky to be out of school so soon. My son still has a month left to go!
    I have always kept all my sons work from school. (boxes upon boxes) lol. I will NEVER get rid of them ;)
    Thanks for visiting and following, returning the favor!

    1. oh wow, you keep it ALL? I have six, so it would take up half our basement. Though I will say I have been caught throwing their stuff away a couple times... oops! As they get older I'm trying to teach them to help me decide what to keep (and to learn they cant keep everything!) instead of getting rid of stuff when they're not looking!

  3. Hello Emily! I like your post! It's a wonderful idea!!!
    Thank you so much for the website you gave me! It's awesome!

  4. This is such a good idea. My son starts school in the fall and it is bittersweet. I will have to remember to do this at the end of the year.

    1. That first day is so hard... for mommy anyways ! But take heart... big kids are pretty cool too!

  5. I love this idea! I will definitely be doing this when school closes next month.

    1. Great! I'd love it if you let me know how it goes Diane! :)

  6. Emily - I had to laugh when you described your "usual" after school conversation - sounds a lot like what happens at our house! I appreciate your ideas for slowing down and really listening to your kids. What a great way to show your love!

    1. seriously, especially with the boy... it's all about what's for snack :)

  7. What a GREAT idea! I'm kind of dreading the day that I'll send my baby off to kindergarten. I remember coming home from school myself having SO much to tell my mother, who always listened patiently. I love the idea of ending each school year with a little interview. Maybe you could even do it on camera. Brilliant!

    1. I'm dreading the day that my last one goes off to kindergarten... but I am learning that big kids are actually pretty cool too. (I guess! No, they are.) It's hard to listen to that little stuff sometimes, especially when the other ones need me, but I am trying to remember to do it more often! They actually WANT me in their world right now- don't miss that moment, mama!

  8. Oh, I love this idea!! What a fun way to chronicle how they talk and what they think at this age :) Thanks so much for sharing!!

  9. This is great Emily, I hope to try it out.
    Following from AFBH.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. On GFC and NetworkedBlogs, so you don't get curious, lol!

  11. Thanks for sharing! I am confused though on how to access the questions. When I click the link it takes me to the home page of a private school. Thanks for any help you can share!

    1. so sorry- broken link! email me at emilymariecook at weakandloved.com and I will send them right to you!

    2. Nevermind- I just put the questions right in the post! easier that way!


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