Monday, May 21, 2012

Messy Monday: Don't get mad, grab your camera!

Thanks, friends, for helping me feel like I'm not the only one surrounded by messes!  When I clean up the cheerios this morning, I will think of all you others out there who are doing the same thing!

Here are my favorite pictures from last week...

The Laundry Pile
I think we all have one of these!

(this one is clean- this mama is a step ahead of me today!)

The Book Pile
This mess was left for the grandma from her granddaughter.

Do ANYbody's kids know how to properly shelve a book?

I remember when a mom of five said to me,

 "about once a month or so I go in and flip the books sideways." Being the young mother that I was, I thought that was strange. 

Why not teach your kids to use a bookshelf?

Now, I get it.

Spilled milk
This mama says:
" Not sure where the saying “Don’t cry over spilled milk” came from, but this makes me want to cry.  All I wanted to get done was the strawberry pie I was making.  On the up side, the floor has been cleaned right there. "

I say,
"I don't cry over spilled milk, but I do yell about it!
Milk is expensive!"

Last monday when I asked for pictures of messes,
I never expected my friend to send me pictures of MY kids making a mess at HER house!

But as you can see, she was justified in doing so!

What's worse, the cat litter or the nose mining?

Cupcake batter from her kitchen helpers:

The Melted Ringpop
(looks like a booger sucker, hahahaha)

The Spaghetti Massacre

The creepy thing discovered in the van seats.

Is this a date? We don't eat dates so how did this get in here?
Oh wait, it's a shriveled grape!

The picture below is mine. 
I discovered it right before I was about to host a book club at my house.
I labeled it for you.

Apparently, a child thought it would be fun to open the conditioner, remove the pump,
stick it in the cat litter, and then mix it back in the conditioner.
And spread it on the floor.

This last pictures is my favorite.
What would YOU do if you came outside and saw your vehicle decorated like this?!

Thanks again to all who linked up and shared pictures. I am really enjoying this idea, so I think I'll keep it going for a few more weeks. Next time there is a mess in  your house, grab the camera!

One thing I have concluded from all these pictures and my own chaotic life-
the messes are not going away.
I can't say I have accepted this. It is my job to fight against the messes, even though I will never completely win the war. I pray that God would help me (and you) as we fight the mess, and on days when we ARE the mess, that he would clean us and cover us with grace.

In case you missed it, check out the first post, Monday's Mess, and Do the messes ever drive you to the edge? (If nothing else, check out that one to see the peanut butter-cicle)

Please also visit the people who linked up below!  Maybe you have sharpie-removal advice to share, or you can teach Jenny (and the rest of us) how to train children not to leave a trail of socks through the house!

Are you enjoying this series? Please, tell your friends! I love it when you share my stuff!

Keep the pictures coming, friends! 

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  1. Ha!! This post made me laugh. How I remember those days when my little ones were ... little. They're big teens now, but somehow, my house still gets messy. It just looks a little different. :)

    God bless as you deal with the messiness of life.

    1. WHAT? You mean they don't know how to pick up after themselves when they are TEENAGERS? This doesn't GET BETTER???

      Just kidding... I already knew that :)

  2. Stopped by again from Wonderful Mess, and thought of another great story to link up! Couldn't post the pic though because the baby girl was naked and dad doesn't like the idea of naked pics of his daughter on the internet! Thats good! Any way, I love these Messy Mondays! So fun! I hope you continue them!

    1. Glad your little girl has a protective daddy!

      I have a a few pics like that I could share but I won't either. Bad idea. Funny story though- a couple weeks ago, I snapped a picture of a beautiful flower that was growing in my yard and put it on fbook (i took the picture with my ipod.) Well, my boys had been playing in the hose in the background... one was naked. when I went inside later and saw the pic on my computer, bigger, I noticed in the background was a very clear picture of my little guy's 'little man!" OOPS! I removed the picture!

  3. Hello! Thanks for reading my guest post on Ashley's blog!

  4. thanks for stopping by Gege! and keep blogging :)

  5. I love this post! It made me laugh, my husband too! We married one years ago and we are looking forward to have kids very soon! Children are amazing gift!

    1. Here's hoping you can keep your sense of humor when those messes are YOUR job! :) Oh, you will. Blessings on your journey in marriage and motherhood! :)

  6. Poo! I really wanted to link up yesterday! But it was a crazy messy day for us so I didn't get computer time. However, I did think of grabbing my camera when my 21 month old screamed from the tub and I found a lovely "floater". I didn't think anyone needed to see that one though. :)

    Glad to know I'm not alone with the mess too!

    1. UGH I hate when my day starts with a floater!

      Don't worry, this linky is still open, and I"ll be highlighting it again next monday! Hop in any time! I'm sure there will be more messes in my life and in yours by that time! :)

  7. oh my gosh..this is so funny!! I wish i would have known that happens in other houses when my kids were little...I think that would have given me a whole new perspective!

    1. come back for more next monday! I can't believe some of the memories (crime scenes?) I am collecting! haha!


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