Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday's Mess- Link Up and share your pictures!

I wake up and the house is messy, but livable.  Not a disaster (usually,) but not quite company-ready, either.  I work all day long, sweeping, organizing, moving this here and that there... and by the end of the day, the house is .. about the same.
Messy, but livable.
What is it that I do all day long?! 

Well, I pick up stuff, like this:

and they "help."
And... repeat.

One of the hardest things about motherhood (for me,) is the lack of TANGIBLE progress. I can work on something all day, like laundry, and it is never fully DONE (not for long,) but I can't not work on it, either. 

So I've started taking pictures of some of the messes, before I clean them. It is a little bit satisfying to imagine what this house would look like if I didn't do my job for a day, or even an hour. It makes me feel a little less like a hamster running on a treadmill. 

Some of the pictures make me laugh. Like this: 

Somebody colored on the basement stairs. Then, he left the marker sticking out of a hole in the stairs for me. Perhaps he wanted to make sure I didn't miss his artwork?

This chaotic life is exhausting, but t's funny, too.
Especially after the fact.

Join me!
I want to see your pictures, friends!
What messes have you cleaned up? Messy kids? Gross stuff in your fridge? Did they use sidewalk chalk on your car or makers on your window?

Perhaps if we compile our pictures, we will stand back in awe... we will see some of our work, DONE, and we will realize that we really DO make the world more beautiful by our constant efforts!

That, or we will just become overwhelmed at the chaos that awaits us today, and tomorrow. But even so, we will find company in our battle against all that is out of place in this world!
Join me, fellow soldier!

I will share some of my favorites next Monday.

How to share your pictures
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  1. Emily,
    Your pictures are great! They made me laugh, and I helped me remember that there is a lot of "funny" in the frustrations - and it won't be this way forever. Thanks for helping me keep my perspective today!

  2. It's the same pile of crayons that ends up on *my* floor everyday! LOL My house is never ready for unexpected visitors. Close friends know what to expect, but anyone else needs to give me an hour heads up at least!
    Thanks for stopping by Between Two Rams and commenting!

  3. This post describes my life! Haha! Thanks for letting me know about the link up!

  4. Love it! I'll be linking up!

    Kim @

  5. thanks for you sweet comment on my blog. you look like a great mother!

  6. I love this! I'll be joining next Monday. So glad you visited my blog--Pam's the greatest, isn't she? Thanks for your kind comment!

  7. Yes, this will be fun! I have a series on my blog called "Never a Dull Moment" where I snap photos of unexpected markers stuck in the stairs. I have to laugh when I see things like that...have to.

    With big messes I'm typically too miffed to grab the camera but maybe next time I'll find it in me to smile a little and snap away! In fact I have several messes I can photograph right now.

    Thanks Emily!

    1. Somehow, it is so much more fun to see it LATER, in a picture... here's hoping we can keep our sense of humor! Hope you link up with me on monday!


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