Friday, May 11, 2012

More advice from the Successful Slacker (AKA My Awesome Dad)

Pick your battles wisely. 

Pastor's Kid
 As you struggle as a parent to hold your ground, remember that you while you may overpower him with your will, you don't want to totally break his spirit, and you may add fuel to the inevitable rebellion.

And don't ever give up on him. 
You will have your dark hours. 

But one day, like magic, he will turn into a reasonable, responsible and caring person. 

Pastor Cook, before he wore the pastor clothes

You will be amazed. 
You will think that your parenting skills are finally paying off. I tend to think it's more physiological, and the brain is finally, completely wired. 

But go ahead and take some credit! 
I'm sure it's a little of both. 

As a parent, you'll learn just how well  you can stick with a task, because it's going to take at least 18 years, maybe more.

Who else has a question for my dad?
Advice for me and other parents of difficult children?
I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. I love seeing how you have your Dad, with his parenting and pastoral experience, to help you know what to do with your kids. Three generations in unity, submitted to God's Word, is a great gift. And thanks for sharing that wisdom with the rest of us.


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