Friday, June 8, 2012

How was summer camp?

They want to remember ever detail, but soon they will be on to the next thing.
Mother, help your child remember summer camp!

Take time to listen, and make a memory!
Get the questions here

How was summer camp?

1.       What did you normally do first thing in the morning? When did you wake up?
2.      What did you do after breakfast?
3.      Tell me your favorite foods at camp. Was there anything you didn’t like?
4.      Tell me three things about your counselor.
5.      What did you do in the afternoons?
6.      Tell me about some of the games you played.
7.      Did you do anything at camp that you have NEVER done before? How did it go?
8.     Who did you sit with at mealtimes?
9.      Tell me about at least one new friend you made.
10.  Did you grow closer to any of your other friends?
11.   What did you do after dinner?
12.  Did you have any snacks?
13.  Tell me something you learned about God.
14.  What did you do during rest time?
15.   Did you read or write anything this week?
16.  Were you ever scared at night?
17.   Did the kids in your cabin get along well?
18.  Who were your three favorite staff people?
19.  Tell me three of your favorite camp songs.
20. Did you get any mail or email from anyone? What did they say?
21.  Tell me a funny story.
22. Did anything sad happen? Did you or anyone else get homesick or injured?
23. Did you pack everything you needed?
24. Tell me about another new friend you made this week.
25.  What was campfire like?
26. Tell me something else you learned during camp devotions.
27.  Did you ever stay up talking after lights out?
28. If you go to camp again, what do you want to do again next year?
29. Is there anything you don’t want to do again next year?
30.  Tell me the absolute best thing about camp this year.

Thank you God for giving me a great week at camp! Thank you for the counselors and staff who worked together to make everything happen, and for all the people who give money to the camp ministry.  Thank you for the time I got to spend in Your creation, meeting new friends and having fun with old friends. Thank you for all the things I learned from Your Word, and most of all, thank you for the gift of your son Jesus. Amen

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