Monday, June 25, 2012

Messy Mommy Jobs #7 & Link Up

Weak and Loved Messy Mommy Jobs

From last week: 
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This mom has earned herself infinite cool-points from her children.
Consider me impressed.

Now, for this week's messes:

Cat Food
While the kids were away, I did forget.
But he didn't go hungry.

Dog Food
(A table cloth)

More Dog Food
Flip flops
Of course, they were not my child's
they were a visitors.
Maybe the dog is sick of the taste of my kids' foot germs.

Kid food
raisins and ranch dressing.
"You are SO eating that, kid."
"Fine mommy. I like it."

The Amazing Spider Web
(OK so spiders are not pets, but like pets, they are pesty little creatures!

Sticky Web
You can see the web better in this picture.
Plus, there's a little guy picking his nose in the background.
So, that's cool.

Sorry, mom
a broken candle.
Nice tattoo, by the way.

 Just what you wanted, mom
Chocolate-y trash
From the kid who stole the candy bar and ate it THROUGH the wrapper.
He doesn't know enough to hide the evidence.

Tiny Hand Print
On the front door.
Almost too cute to clean up.

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  1. I like each of those pictures. It was a toss up between the chocolate wrapper hand-off and the finger-printed window for my favorite. :)
    (Through the wrapper, ha! - I've had my boys do things like that at that age too. ;)

    1. WHY do they think I WANT their trash all the time?! Here mommy! Here mommy!


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