Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Camp: A Test Flight

She rested on my hip, her soft baby thigh in my hand. I held her chubby thigh underneath the frills of her dress. The pink clip in her hair fell out, again. I squatted down to grab it, and she giggled loudly. I tried to shush her. “Mommy’s not trying to wrestle you right now honey! It’s church time!”

She grabbed for my earring to chew. I took them off, set them on the pew next to the small pink shoes she’d released earlier.
She gave me slobbery kisses.
She was just the baby, and I was just her mommy.
She put her arm around my neck and rested her head on my shoulder for a moment while the hymn played.

And then I blinked.

Her arms are around my waist. She stands stall, on feet with shoes now. She’s out of breath. As we walked into church today, we noticed I was wearing my pool sandals. We both snorted laughter, and then she ran home for my church shoes.
I give her a squeeze, “Thanks for coming to my rescue, honey!”
She smiles, rests her head on my shoulder and whispers, “Mom, I’m going to miss you when I’m at camp.”
I squeeze her tight. “You too, hun.” And I will. But I force myself to say the next part. “But I’m excited for you, too. You’re going to have so much fun!” She nods, still holding me tight.
The hymn begins to play, and she opens the hymnal.

She finds the hymn, and follows the words with her finger. 

She elbows me gently, because I have forgotten to sing.


Father- take good care of my baby!


Summer camp: a time to practice letting-go.
Are you practicing, too, this summer?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. whenever i read your posts about letting go, they bring tears to my eyes! don't blink!!! i mean i blinked and my baby is having babies!!!

    1. see.. that's the problem right there!! I can tape my eyes OPEN and they will still GROW!!!

    2. beautiful emily! i'm sure she'll have fun, and be home soon! :)

  2. I started to tear up at that....oh my....
    thank you for sharing!

  3. I totally wanted to cry reading this because I was once the new mommy with a new baby reading everyone else's posts about their kids growing up and I would smile and say, "ahh but MINE hasn't!" And I'd snuggle him close and wish time still. But now he's 6...and a half. SIX!!!!! And tomorrow he'll be 12 :(. But like you, my eyes are open. But still they grow. But it's OK, it's OK for them to grow because thanks be to God we get them for eternity. :)

  4. Hey there! Love your blog! I found you via the MMM blog hop and just added myself to your followers! Also I wanted to invite you to come enter a fabulous Steve Madden giveaway I'm having right now!!
    Hope to see you there! And thanks so much lady!

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  6. we are neighbors at Shanda’s...oh quickly...yours is post high school a blink of an eye...such a sweet picture of the 2 of you.


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