Monday, July 16, 2012

On Broken Hearts and Baked Goods...

A great grief has come into that home, and you want to say something. Or do something. But nothing seems adequate. How can words possibly help in the face of tragedy? How can a bowl of soup even matter, when a heart has been broken to pieces?

I think these thoughts, too, but I go into my kitchen and I bake. I know a pie will not fix the problem. It will not take away the grief. But I make the pie anyway because I know it is important.

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What do you want people to do when you are flattened with grief?
Have you ever been uplifted by just a pie?

1 comment:

  1. With tragedy comes food. Lots and lots of food from people you never knew cared so much as to bake or chop or make enough to freeze and reheat for a while.

    Food, and pies, are comfort. Dealing with a death or other very difficult event means not wanting to do anything for a while other than grieve. So bake away. :)


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