Friday, July 27, 2012

Revamping systems: Grocery shopping and book giveaway

School's coming again, so I'm trying to get organized. One things leads to another and I find myself revamping everything.   I'm rearranging rooms, organizing the homework center, delegating more jobs to kids that are a year older, getting rid of stuff, and simplifying everything I can.

My philosophy:
Some things need to be done regularly, and there's no getting out of them.

I could put it off, and sigh, and whine, and feel overwhelmed, and then finally do it when it's too bad to ignore, and then do it quickly and half-heartedly, and sometimes for hours or days

OR I could come up with a system.

I've learned (after many years of trying option 1) that this works for me: if I don't enjoy doing it, I do it with a system.
This allows me to do the job well while thinking about it less.

(If you are revamping your chaos-management system, check out the flylady. She's been helping me maintain my sanity since 2006.)

I've done this with many things: laundry, bills, housework, blogging, meal planning

One of my weakest areas: grocery shopping.
I meal plan, but I do not cut coupons, and I do not generally stick to a budget. I know I can improve in this area, and let's face it, as the kids get bigger and eat more, and as the prices continue to rise, I am feeling the push to come up with a money-saving system.

Cut It Out 3D 300px.jpgMy blogging friend Kate has just written a book on this topic, and I think it is a great place to start. "How I fed my family of 10 for 500 dollars a month." Now that is impressive. There is wisdom to be gained from this woman.

Check it out. won't you?

She's giving 5 copies of this book away- enter here to win!

Do you have systems for doing the chores you do not enjoy?
Are you revamping your systems this summer?
What area of home management is hardest for you to get under control?


  1. Will check out flylady...struggle w/simple mundane chores-laundry putting away....
    not getting lost writing instead of chores at nap time. oh yes--what is exercize?

    1. um, chores at NAPTIME? Perish the thought :)

      flylady is great i definitely recommend it!


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