Saturday, August 4, 2012

Challenges and joys at the beginning of a new school year

It's time to start a new school year, and this always makes me reflective.  
I see how each child has grown, 
and I remember that there is no anchor for the seasons of life.

I rejoice with them, and I sigh a little for myself.  
Go on, little ones, and spread your wings wide.  
May God hold you close!

Father, be that refuge for them that I would like to be. 
(Pray this prayer with me!)

photo by Shalinee Kohli Murishwar, India

Shalinee is a friend of mine from India. We met in the epilepsy forums. Her dear son continues to suffer daily seizures. Please keep him and all with epilepsy in your prayers.  

Shalinee's son is an inspiration to his mother, as she explains:
“I've learned to chase what I enjoy just by watching our son do so through his innumerable seizures! He is my inspiration; he never gives up! Not a day passes by without a fall, a bump, a challenge but he lifts himself and gets back to his play and friends.....and I thank God for this illumination in my life- for helping me learn through this phase.“  Follow Shalinee on instagram

Isn't Shalinee's photo great!?

What challenges are you facing as school starts this year?


  1. Your prayer is just what I want to say to my Father as I send my kids out the door. Thank you for your beautiful words, and thank you for sharing them with us.

    1. Thank you Jenny. Blessings on your new school year!

  2. I printed and cut out your prayer and posted it on my frig. I will see it and pray it often for my grandkids this year and for their Mommy.

  3. I'm beginning a new year as well. I teach ELL students and will be going back for the first time after becoming a mom. My heart is pulled in many directions this year. Thanks for this post, and encouragement.

    1. It is hard to work when your heart is pulled in many directions like that! I'm sure you will love getting back to your students, but it is so hard to be away from your little one! Breathe in that baby smell as long as you can :)

  4. Your blog is an inspiration. Truly. I am praying for your friends son.


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