Saturday, August 11, 2012

Do Daddy and Mommy BOTH know stuff? A story for kids

Do Daddy and Mommy BOTH know stuff?
(This story was inspired by Seth, who really didn't know.)

"Hey mom, why do we put gas in the car?" asked the boy.
"Because the van needs gas if we want it to go," replied mom.

"Why? How does gas make the van go?"

"Well… why don't you ask your daddy about that, honey."


"Mom, can you fix my transformer?"

"That's a better job for your daddy," said mom.


"Mom, how does our email know the way to grandma's computer?"

"The internet takes it there, son."
"How does the internet work?"

"Um… I think it's magic."

"No mom, really, I need to know HOW it works!"

"That's a daddy question, honey."


"Mom, when is the laundry going to be done?" asked the boy. Then he stopped, saying "Oh nevermind, I forgot. Only daddies know stuff. Not mommies."


Mom stopped ironing and looked at her son. "Now wait just a minute, son! Let's talk about this!"


Mom sat down on the couch with the boy.

"Mommies and daddies both know stuff. Daddy knows more than I do about cars and computers and things like that. But mommy knows lots of important things, too!"

"Oh really? Like what?" the boy was skeptical.

"Well…" mom thought for a minute.

"Remember when you were nervous to start school? Mommy knew how to help you through that first day."

"I remember that! You prayed for me and wrote notes in my lunch!  Now, I love school!"

"And who knows how you like your hamburgers, and your pancakes? And who knows what kind of cereal to buy and what size socks you wear?"

"You do mommy." The boy smiled.

"When you get scared at night, what happens?"

"Daddy tells me to go back to bed."

"And sometimes mommy comes into your room for hugs and prayers, right?"

"Right. I like it when you do that. "

The boy hugged his mother and smiled, "I think I get it mom.

Daddy knows how to make things work, and mommy knows how to help things grow."


"That's a good way to put it son.

We make a good team, don't we?"

. . . . . .

( characters in this story may appear wiser than they actually are)


  1. hahah, nice one!! In our house, mommy is the one who knows all the Transformers and Star Wars names!!

  2. Today at the farmer's market a vendor told me his mom got especially exasperated with his little brother at the 4 1/2 year old "WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY" stage and started saying "You have to ask your dad when he gets home" as an answer to every question. After a few days, he started telling people his dad was smart but his mom didn't know anything. I think your little guy got a better handle on the situation at your house. ;)


  3. Absolutely great! And so insightful. Glad you can write about it in such a captivating way. (Or that a Daddy thing? LOL)

  4. That, my friend, is awesome! Mommies are exceptional at knowing how things grow, and daddies (sometimes) can fix broken things!

  5. I read this to my girls, they loved it as much as me. :)

  6. Wow -this is precious. Thank-you for sharing!

  7. Love this story, sooo true! I'm guilty of doing this with questions I don't know the answer to; "just wait till daddy comes home he'll be able to explain it really well!"
    One time, my then 3 year old, wanted to know how mummies and daddies have sex, I nearly choked on my coffee, not certain if I was so shocked by the question, or about how she knew about this stuff already. I just told her as calmly as possible; "just ask daddy when he comes home." ;-)

  8. So cute! I love the one about "How does the email get to grandma's computer?"

  9. Thanks for sharing this on Saturday Show and Tell. I hope you’ll be back again this week with some more great ideas!

  10. too cute.

    Thanks so much for linking up with us Wed. it sure does make the day sweeter to have ya with us and to stop by and discover all of the wonderful things you're doing here.



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