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What you Loved: Most popular posts July 2012

I am stunned by the response to this book and the free promotion. Over 9,000 downloaded. Every few days I hear from someone who was touched by our story. It has been an amazing experience.  (If you don't have your copy yet, you can get the digital version here for just $4.99, or buy a paperback copy here.)

If you've read the book, please check out my How's Aggie page for updates and pictures.

I will never forget letting Aggie go into that room where they would perform brain surgery. These letting-gos are practice. They force our eyes open, and we see our smallness, the world's dangers, and the gulf between here and eternity.  They move us to fear, and to prayer.
My Weakness
His Strength

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Grace frees us to be honest.  I have found that I waste entirely too much energy trying to hide my weaknesses, trying to make myself seem better or holier or stronger than I actually am.

I like to be liked, and I am good at making people like me, especially if they give me clear rules I can follow. I like to know the right thing, to do the right thing, and (best of all) to be SEEN doing the right thing. And I bring my shiny little self proudly into church and I find myself wrecked. Exposed. Naked.

Being a mother is a heavy job.  We can’t just set it down and run away for a little while, until we feel healthy enough to pick it up again.  We have to do it sick, depressed, grieving, doubting. We have to do it with wounds and questions and unmet needs of our own. Children are just so NEEDY. What happens in your house when mom is needy, too?

Growing up Together: Parenting 'Tween girls

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My babies have grown beautiful, and it's time for me to grow up with them! This post is the beginning of a weekly series on connecting with 'tween girls. 
This is an older post but it it is still quite popular. Though I can't take credit for the idea, I had to share it with you.  If you have young girls, please consider trying a mother-daughter journal!

For fun

What it's like sitting with my monkeys for the firework show. Experience the magic with and without the audio track. 

What happens when you take six children on a long, hot hike?  Mom learns quite a bit about their temperaments. 

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