Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 days of Joy on the Mommy-Job

I'm trying something new for the month of October.
I'm going to be blogging for 31 days on one topic, and linking up with other bloggers via The Nesting Place.

I don't typically hop on bloggy bandwagons, but this one sounded like fun. 
I like the challenge of posting every day for a month.  

But let me be honest here: I chose this topic for ME. 

My attitude has not been the best lately. I've been giving in to goat mentality, plowing through my days and my lists, feeling overwhelmed, and getting grumpy when the little people "get in my way."

These inconvenient little people!  

Of course, they are also my blessings!  When I really see them, they are miracles, joy, and grace with skin on! But how often do I slow down to really see?  Not often enough.

Join me this month for daily snippets of joy.  
This exercise is for me, but if it blesses you, that's great too.

(I will probably add in a few more substantial posts here and there too, and I will not forget about our Grace book club!)

Gathering bits of family joy is part of my job as a writer-mother. 
This is one of the ways I use my art to bless my family.  

This month, I'll be sharing daily snippets from two of my favorite memory-keeping files:

Kid quotes:
If it goes on facebook, or if I tell my mom about it, it goes in the quote file.  I intend to share the funniest,  and most absurd words spoken in this house from the past several years.

A journal written to all my children, to help them see these childhood days through my eyes. (read more about this here)

To read the latest posts, 

What is your favorite way to store family memories?
Will you be joining me this month?

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  1. What a great idea! When you are thinking about something (ie: the Mommy job) you notice more. Small, daily or hourly events take on new significance. Months ago, I took the challenge to appreciate my Husby more and then I really started to notice just how many things he does for me ever day! Good luck on this very worthwhile experiment! and thank you for sharing on NOBH!


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