Friday, September 14, 2012

A challenge: Be a charity case.

But I do not want to be a charity case.  I have my life under control, for the most part, really I do.  Yes, I need God, just like you do, but let’s not take it too far, now.  I’ll open my hands to receive the free gift of salvation, but a casserole?  That’s just too much!  Keep reading 'grace and chasseroles' here... 

I know it's uncomfortable and hard, this concept of accepting help from others.  We want God's help, and we prefer that He would send it through the air, and on the sly... or at least in a nondescript package delivered to our houses in the middle of the night.

But often, He insists on using people.

Did you relate to this, in yesterday's post?

When we are alone in the dark, we might whisper a prayer to God for help, but if He tries to provide help by sending us an actual person for us to lean on, forget it.
Too uncomfortable.
Too hard.
We don’t want to be a burden.

This week, I have challenged those in the book club to become prayer partners.  

Because I know how important it is, what a blessing it is, to have someone I can reach out to when I need prayer, and know that they will pray.  

This is the body of Christ at work.  And I am blessed to have friends like this.

And here's the funny thing- they don't fix it for me. They don't necessarily even say anything profound to help me through the day. They just offer sympathy, prayer, and some of their heart back to me.

Even just this:
"It's hard, isn't it?  This life is hard. But God is good, and it will not always be this way."

Yes, friend. You are right and I needed to hear that, again.  I am upheld.

And together we approach the throne of grace for ourselves and for each other, and we are loved, and we are not alone.

Tell me, readers, do you have a friend like this?
If not, I encourage you to find another Christian friend, and ASK. Ask them to pray for you, and offer to pray for them.  

This week, here is my challenge to you:
Accept charity, even the kind that comes to you with skin on. It is simply more of His grace, and you need it.

How have you been upheld by the body of Christ?
This week we read Chapters 2 and 3 of Grace for the Good Girl. If you’d like to join us, it’s not too late! There are so many things that can be said about this book! If you are hungry for more discussion, please join our lively facebook group!


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