Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall Sprawl

The stifling heat of summer broke suddenly this week.
We breathe in cool air like fresh life. 

We spend an afternoon at the park, and I have energy for swing-pushing and chasing. I run until my legs shake, and they all keep running as I sit.  I am old enough to have to catch my breath, but at least I am young enough to run with them at all.

The breeze cools me quickly, and even after my exercise, I welcome the mild warmth of the sun. My seat on the sidewalk is warm and pleasant, and soon sitting turns to lying, and I sprawl my old/young body flat on the sidewalk.
The sun shines on all of me.

Soon I am spotted by little boys fighting, all of them right, all of them needing my defense.
In the middle of their grievances they stop, seeing me sprawled on the sidewalk.  

This is an odd place for a mother, I think they think. 
With smiles they sprawl beside me. The sun melts away their complaints for a moment.

Cement makes a lousy pillow, but boy heads find homes on my belly. 
Three heads on the soft belly stretched for them and by them.

The sun warms us all, and as we watch clouds, I feel the lovely weight of life pressing down on my body and heart.


  1. Pure poetry. The last phrase is beautiful.

  2. My kids and I can be pretty affectionate, but my one "boy"...the one I have to admit I LOVED cuddling with the most because he was the squirmliest child so when he hopped onto my lap and snuggled as long as I towers over me at nearly 5'10" and just 15 years old. To this day if we are watching a movie as a family, he will sit nest to me and still lean on my shoulder...though he cannot fit on the couch any longer to place his head on my lap :0(. I miss those moments the most as I watch my kids grow up and turn into these little adults...the nerve! Enjoy these days and hold them in your heart!!!

  3. I am LOVING the cooler weather! So happy to have the windows thrown open, the sun shining in, and the kiddos out to play :)

  4. Oh how lovely! I have been celebrating fall every second we have gotten any break from the heat over the last few weeks - and now, it truly is arriving. But I've had such a delightful time, especially with my grandsons, that I'm truly in a state of autumn bliss and praising God mightily for the joy. Thank you for a sweet addition to this blissfulness :) Have a great and autumn-al week!

  5. P.S. Pinned this at Pinterest - SandwichINK. Also, I tried to follow on Facebook but the link is not working. :) Have a blessed day!

  6. Oh...I loved the imagery of this post!! And those beautiful pictures. Thanks so much for sharing it with us all!!

  7. How fun! I love this line: "This is an odd place for a Mother". Those are the most precious moments when we forget that we are adults and get down and dirty with the kiddos! Thanks for linking up!


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