Monday, September 3, 2012

Family-Focused Art: Birthday Letters

I love when I can be a writer and a mother at the very same time.  One of my favorite ways to do this:
Birthday Letters.

I am a terrible scrap-booker, but I love to use my words. 
I think only the first TWO of my children actually have baby books! I know that's terrible, but I have all the pictures... it's just a matter of gathering them. And cutting them. And pasting them. (Ugh.) Not going to happen any time soon, sorry kiddos.

I keep snapshots of their childhood for them in my own way. Pictures, of course, but also birthday letters.  When I write I try to capture the unique things about each child on that very day.  I often add favorite memories of the previous year, prayers, or major milestones. But I have to keep it simple (or I won't do it.) So I mostly just try to capture who they are on this day.

Today is my youngest son's second birthday. He's the one who stretches my sanity, as many of you know.  But I love him, and today, I'm focusing my words and my thoughts on celebrating his sweet little 2yr old life.


Dear Peter,

My baby is two today!

 I know, I know, I shouldn’t still be calling you a baby…but I sure do love your smallness! I know, you can choose for yourself, climb in it yourself, and do it yourself. You are growing strong legs and strong opinions, along with a strong will that clashes with mine.

But you are still my baby. You are busy and do not care to take time to snuggle me, with one exception: after naptime. You wake up in your big boy bed, almost always before the others, and I run to you so I can catch you in that half-awake state, when you want to lay on me and let me stroke your hair. You rest in my arms, then you lay on top of me, and you take a few calm breaths in my embrace. I remember how it was when you were tiny, and I rest with you. As my muscles relax, yours wake up, and you start to poke and giggle. When finally you remember your favorite trick (jump-on-mommy’s- gut), we roll out of bed together. You make sure I have your penguin blankie and your pillow pet, then you point at the fridge and holler “milk! Milk!” until you have your milk.

You are the youngest of six, and you know you have to fight for your place in this world. You are handsome, smiley, loud and determined, and you make your presence known wherever you go. You demand my attention even when you already have it.  As we read books together, you have much to say, but you will not speak until you know I am looking. “Mommy!” pat-pat-pat goes your hand on my arm. “Mommy, a tractor!” 
“Yes, peter I see the tractor.”
“Mommy!” pat-pat-pat
“Peter, I see! What!”
“Mommy!” pat-pat-pat “A boat!”
“Mommy look!” Pat-pat-pat-whack-whack
“Peter I’m looking right at it! That’s a nice train isn’t it?”
Pat-pat-pat “Mommy, train!”
And so it goes.

Your favorites at age 2: Trains and tractors, the muppets (especially the singing chickens), little bear and blues clues, the “Be-Bo” book, your penguin blanket and your bear pillow pet, your tractor onesie, the book: Dinosaur vs. Bedtime, finding books, going to recess and getting snacks from big kids, throwing food at your brothers,  carrying a sword with us when we walk the big kids to school (in case we see coyotes), hunting for hidden Little People,

And most of all: Dumping stuff. (You were the inspiration for the Messy Mommy Jobs series!)

You are still my baby, sweetie Petie.
I pray that God grows me up as He grows you up, that my love for you may be the kind that blesses you, that celebrates your milestones, and that seeks your good even when that means big changes for me.

We thank God for two wonderful years with you!
Happy Birthday Peter!

Love, mom.

Peter David
born 9/3/10
How do you use your art to help celebrate your child's birthdays?


  1. This is so sweet! I love the idea of writing a letter. And what a cutie!

  2. Love this! So adorable - what a great mommy moment and future gift for your little ones.


  3. I'm bad about baby books and scrapbooking, too. Or, I am bad NOW - I was better when I just had one child! I started writing letters, too, though I'm a good two years out from doing so. Thanks for the reminder to do it again!


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