Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Joy on the Mommy- Job: experiencing His help

Well, it's October 31st, and this is my last post in the series 31 days of Joy on the Mommy Job.
And I'm squeezing it in at the last minute! (By which I mean, I did not have this post ready to go this morning!)

I don't like doing things at the last minute! I am a work-ahead kind of gal! In college, if the paper was due on Wednesday, I'd have it done by Tuesday. I feel good when life works that way. I want to be caught up, or even ahead of the game if I can.

And how often does this happen in my life right now?
What did you do today?
Not this.
Pretty much never.

My husband asked me the other day if I had seen any of his other pairs of pants.
Pants? Oh yes dear. They are probably downstairs in my ironing basket somewhere.

I resisted the urge to tell him about the non-wrinkle wardrobe options they have nowadays.  (Blue jeans, sweat pants, wind pants, and so on... the things I wear.)

Just another thing I am behind on.

For the record, I ironed some of his pants (but nothing else) before I let myself write this blog post.

But, my floors are really gross, and I'm letting my son spend extra time on the kindle right now.

And I really don't care. It doesn't bother me like it used to. This mommy-job is never done, and yet I have to keep working at it like crazy, and that's really OK.

I'm going to take a minute to write, pray, think (these things are usually tangled together in me.)
I'm going to think about joy on the mommy-job.

What is the most joyful thing about this mommy-job?
It's not the cute things they do, though I love those things. It's not the way they grow and change, and the ways they make me grow and change, though those are all gifts from God as well. It's not the sweet moments in the rocking chair, because those don't last.  It's not that the good times outweigh the hard times, because I'm not always sure that they do.

My top reason for joy on the mommy job:
God meets me here.

Whether it's giving me the energy to get stuff done or helping me deal with things that are left undone;
whether I'm happy and strong or floored by depression;
whether they're blooming in health or sick and withering;
God meets me here.

This life I live with all these children underfoot is an exhausting and wonderful life. It flattens me, and shows me my sin and weakness.  Yet the more I learn of my need, the more I learn of His love.

He hears when I call to Him, and when they do, too.
His Word is a Lamp and a Light, and it is Hope and Help, and Life and Salvation.

God meets me here.

How has God met you in your Mommy-job lately?

This is my last post in the series 31 days of Joy on the Mommy Job.
To read the entire series, click here
I consider it to have been a fun little experiment.  It is possible to post daily... but it is also exhausting.
I am glad you all got to know my kids a little better this month.
I'll be posting less often now.
(This blog is not the boss of me.)

But don't worry, I'll keep writing. I can't help it.
Expect fewer posts and more substance in the coming months.

Tell me, what did you think of the series?


  1. Relating very much to the ironing of pants. I only buy Scott wrinkle-free Dockers. I don't care how much more they cost. It saves so much work. But I noticed the other day, he bought himself a pair of pants (after forgetting to take an extra set of dress pants) that he bought a regular pair khaki pant. I don't think the thought even crossed his mind to see if they were wrinkle free. The pants are NOT wrinkle free--- however, put them in a place he hopefully won't find them in our room so he can't wear them too often!!

  2. "God meets me here."
    Exactly, Emily. Exactly!


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