Saturday, October 20, 2012

Two Words: Trickle Down

I love trickle-down education.


  1. That picture there...OH! It has brought a flood of memories to my mind! My youngest boys are 14 months apart. The younger one sucked his thumb and had a blanket he loved almost to pieces...when it was just shy of thread bare he gave to his very first cousin when she was born. Sniff...
    My boys would sit and they would pour over the mountain of books we brought home from the library. They were very close...and are to this day the best of friends. At 14 and 15 those reading together times have been replaced with Scout activities and texting friends...but that picture up there reminded me of what a blessing kids...close in age...can be!

  2. WHY did the first photo escape my eyes a minute ago...the THREE of them, just like my three boys (my one girl the oldest was usually not far away at that age!).
    But my three boys...another sniff sniff moment. The oldest is off at college and just the other day he called and told me how much he loved our family and missed his brothers. He said he was saddened that the last year he was home...the BIG SR year in high school...sort of slipped away without spending the kind of time he wanted to with them. I am glad he felt the loss and wonder how awesome it will be as they grow into adulthood. THANKS so much!!!


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