Thursday, October 18, 2012

When the days are simple

A snippet of our simple preschool morning. From My Gilead

Eldon and Peter- 
Our days are simple and our joys are small but wonderful.

They sat on pillows while we read about dogs driving dump trucks.
Their faces stuffed with banana, one said “more!” and the other jumped up in agreement.
“You monkeys need more bananas?” I sat down the book. “Let’s go get some.”

I walked to the kitchen and they ran along behind me, making happy noises. I picked up a banana and said, “Ok boys, make your monkey noises and I’ll give you a banana!”

Smiling huge, they did an “ooh ooohh ah ah” monkey dance. I handed them each a piece of banana and they ran off with it, little feet pounding on the floor all the way to their pillows.

They shoved the bananas in their boogery, dirty little faces, and I picked up the book again.


We read about dogs driving dump trucks.

What do you enjoy about the simple days with small children?


  1. On days where there is nothing really to do, I enjoy reading books and doing small crafts with my girls. :) it gives me such gratefulness to enjoy small moments with them.

    1. I once did such things.. with my girls! (now 9 and 7)
      boys... not so much. but we do play dough :)

  2. How they are easily entertained and think I am the funniest person. I love how they like to lay on me and take naps together either in our bed or on the couch. I love being able to give the younger ones attn while the older kids are at school

    1. that is so sweet! I know just what you mean. it is great to be the funniest person in the world. And I love having time to focus fully on the littlest ones :)


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