Friday, October 26, 2012

When I have what they need

We went to his well check this week, just him and me.
I noted how my life has changed, when getting out for an afternoon with only ONE kid, even to go to the doctor, is a bit of a break. A mini vacation. A chance for a little one on one time.

He brought a book and I tried to keep my phone in my purse.  It can wait, everything can wait, while I spend just a few minutes here with this child and my attention all on him.  We talked about tadpoles and eels and beaver tails. I think I should show him where the science section in the library is. (I think I need to find it, first. I forget there are such things.)

The doctor's visit went smoothly, and he sat there healthy and cute and charming.

Then suddenly, he realized being FIVE is not all wonderful.

Wait, mom, I need shots? What do you mean I need shots?

I told him he could squeeze my hand, and he practiced, and he "hurt" me, and he smiled proud and brave. 

But the shots hurt, they really did. He tried his best, but tears came and he just needed his mommy.

And maybe some ice cream.


Later, he wanted extra snuggles on the couch, and "maybe can we have a movie night tonight? My forehead just hurts and I want you to snuggle me."

So maybe he is milking it. But my superhero doesn't often ask for snuggles these days.
I like these moments, when I have just what he needs.

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  1. Yes, maybe they do milk it sometimes. But I like it too, as those moments get fewer and farther between!


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