Wednesday, October 10, 2012

When they act like Mini-Men

I never had brothers. I thought I was a tom boy, but now that I have boys of my own, I realize I never did truly approach the world as a boy does.

I love moments of manliness in my mini-men.  Here are a few of my recent favorites.

One of our lessons in manners:
Meat is not a weapon.
Marcus sat between baby Peter and daddy one night.  He put on his tough face, looked straight at the TV, and grunted in a manly grunt, "I'm glad Peter's out."  This is Marcus's sideways version of affection.
One yelled at the other: "I do NOT twirl like a princess! I SPIN like a BOY!"
He says with a very serious face, "Mom, pirates DON'T wear underwear."
"Mommy, will you put my cape on me?"-----
"What was I just going to do? OH yeah,  I was going to go in my room and toot on my pillow." 
"Mommy, I'm sorry but I threw God's Word and it got stuck up in the ceiling."

It was a small Gideon Bible, and he had been playing catch with it in the basement. It got stuck on a heat vent. (No son, the doorposts, not the ceiling!) 

He was helping with the trash, and he accidentally threw a bag on top of the van.  He was very sorry, as he explained with a smile,
“I just don’t know my own muscles!”


From my boys I have learned the difference between a back hoe and a Bobcat. I have learned to thank God for mud and rock piles and wide open spaces.

Cook boys on the rock pile

What have you learned from a Mini-Man lately?
Share today's joy with me in the comments!

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