Tuesday, October 9, 2012

When they allow me to defer the big questions

If you went to Walmart today, you may have noticed a lady shopping with her son, wearing a strange smirk on her face throughout the store.

There was a good reason for the smirking, for the suppressing of the laughing, for the avoiding of the explaining to the son about the laughing.

The son, whose "job" it was to eye the shelves and declare, "We need some of that mommy! And that too mommy,"  did not desire everything he saw in the store today.  For as the son rode past the shelves with the feminine products, he shouted, "Mommy, we do NOT need any more ear pluggers!"

Yes, that's what they are, and you are right, we don't need any.


My son and I were cuddling on the couch one night when his littlest brother kicked him.  He smiled and put his hand on my tummy, then asked me very seriously, "Mommy, how does the baby come out of there?" 
"With a lot of work, honey," I replied.  
He accepted that answer last time, but no longer.   
"But HOW mommy?" he insisted.   
"Oh honey, that's a big question, and I think it is time for you to put on your PJs."  
He got very serious and looked me in the eye, as if he were the adult trying to reason with a toddler.  "Mommy.  I don't know how it works and I HAVE to know!"  
I smiled, but I was so tired.. "Seth, seriously, go put on your PJs."  I needed more time to think on that one.


I DO talk about these things with my kids... eventually. 
But  I do so appreciate when they give me extra time to think and pray first!
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Now, share your stories! 
I'd love to hear about your awkward moments and non-talks!


  1. Hold on here!
    Are you expecting???
    Did I miss an announcement somewhere? I admit I'm a little out of it these days. :D

    1. No... sorry! Should have made it clear that was an old story :) When I was pregnant with Peter (now age 2)...
      Hope I didn't start the story mill.... :)

    2. Don't worry, I didn't tell a soul. :D
      For a minute I thought we were both moving on to our number sevens at the same time. :)

    3. Haha, I just spent 1/2 hour looking through old posts trying to find an announcement. Should have checked the comments.

  2. When I tried to explain it to my then 9 yr old,now 22 yr old son and my then 6 yr old, now 19 yr old daughter they both plugged their ears and yelled, "Stop, stop, gross, that's disgusting we don't want to know"!

  3. This conversation made me laugh. :)

  4. I love how they can be distracted from getting an answer to some of 'those' questions.

    1. sometimes I just want to say , LOOK, a candy bar! Want to eat it!?!? :)


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