Monday, October 8, 2012

When they forget themselves

One of my sons is sensitive about people laughing at him.  Because of this, he generally refrains from dancing with the other kids, especially if someone is watching.  

We were watching ice skating one night, and my daughter was starry-eyed over the glitter and girly-ness of it all. My son sat there with an ugly look, obviously thinking "I just don't see the point of this." So much frivolity.

I asked Lorraine if she thought she dance on ice like that. She said, "No, mommy!"
Then, my son looked at me and said firmly, "Mommy, you may NOT do that!" He seemed to think it was something that I would attempt, so he made sure to forbid me in very strong terms.

Yet now and then he forgets himself.

Sometimes he watches the other kids dancing and he starts to smile despite himself... then, almost against his will his body moves with the beat, he joins his siblings in their party. 

Once I heard him singing, (singing!) and such a song! 
"Mama Mia, Here I go again! My my, rockin' with my sisters!"

I must remember not to draw attention to it by saying something like “See, dancing really IS fun!” If I do, he will be SHOCKED to find himself actually dancing, and immediately remember his former standards of decorum, and hide his red face while he vows to himself that he will never, never forget himself like that again.

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