Wednesday, October 3, 2012

When they have no choice over what they wear

I like that the very little ones have to wear what I want them to wear. I pick the colors, I pick the level of ridiculous coordination.

Hey look, they match!

Sometimes, when I'm really lucky, I get out the very same gratuitously cute clothes,  and I put them on another set of bodies.

And little bodies, they do not protest the cuteness.

The big ones-- the same ones that would refuse to be "cute" even for my sake, they delight in the cuteness of the little ones. And I know that, on some level, they understand.  And they will forgive me for the overly-cute pictures.


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  1. Live it up friend! My daughter started choosing her own clothes at 2. For an entire year everything was purple and she had to wear a skirt or dress every day! Now she's a bit more malleable (at 5), but my 3 year old son is seriously in love with the 6 firetruck shirts my MIL got him, so it's pretty much just those, on a never-ending rotation:)


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