Wednesday, October 17, 2012

When they incorporate technology into their lives

When he had to take a break from a game of tag to go get a drink of water, my son told the others:  "Pause the game!"


Me: "Why is my computer being so slow today?"
Marcus: "I could fix it. With Seth's tools.."
Oh no. Please, no

"Mommy make it go washy-washy?"
"No honey, we don't have any more laundry to do right now."
"pleeeeese? I'll be your best friend...."
Watching the clothes swish is one of his favorite things to do!  I usually let him, until he falls in or starts throwing toys in.


One day I was ignoring my son on the floor and typing away at my computer. Suddenly a window popped up that said, "Device not recognized."  But... I hadn't plugged anything in!
I looked down at my son, and saw that he had my laptop charger in his mouth!
I definitely don't have a driver installed for that device!


"I think the tooth fairy has the internet because she knows what everyone is doing." 

What do your kids think about technology?

Id' love to hear your stories!

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