Friday, October 19, 2012

When they simply crack me up

"Ouch, Marcus!" I said as he squeezed me goodbye.
“That’s how hug my tights are.” Marcus said.
“you’re wearing tights?!” 
He was so surprised, he yelled, "Oh my COW!"
Aggie tried to write MOM on her picture, but she wrote MOOM. 
That's funny, I feel more like a MOOM today! :) (37 weeks pregnant at the time!)
]Josh put in an invisible fence for copper.
Aggie said, "Daddy I've never seen an invisible fence!"
Marcus: That quesadilla hit my spot!
"Hey mama!  Look, I ate "squat!""

Hm, has he been told recently that he 'didn't eat squat?' I wonder.  
So I say, "Oh really!  What's squat?"

"It's syrup."

(Note that he has no syrup on his plate.  Only chicken nuggets and grapes.)

"How did you eat syrup when you don't have any syrup on your plate?"

He looks at me, obviously assuming this mother of his has never gone to school or even opened a book, and states with authority, "Squat can be Ranch too."

Get with it mama.

I'd love to hear your funny moments this week!
Share them in the comments!


  1. A recent favorite moment:

    DD: Mommy, can I play the 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10...11...12...13...14...15... *unsure breath (because she knows I always correct her here)*...*another breath*... 18...19...20... dots game?

    Me: *chuckling* Yes, I'll turn on connect-the-dots for you. (We have it on a tablet for her.)

    Another one - the other day I wanted my husband along for my neuro check-up (which went extremely well - she's going to let me get my TX Driver's License!), so our 3yo had to come with us. Waiting in the office, I decided to take advantage of the brain graphic on the door and introduce the concept of brains to our daughter. It was pretty funny to see her eyes roll up trying to see her brain, as we were trying to explain that brains are inside our heads. Later on when I was reading a new Scientific American article on how the brain works (, I showed her the image of a brain, and she asked me to cut her hair so she could see her brain better. Hehe. :)

    1. oh I LOVE that :) Great stories!

      And congrats on the good check up!


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