Friday, November 9, 2012

Pain Redeemed

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Hear Natasha, as she wrestles with her pain:

Isn't this the story of life? I want to be joyful but I’m so full of sadness and I can’t escape it. I want to be whole but I feel so empty. I want to be strong but I wallow in weakness. I want to be beautiful, Oh, God, how I want to be beautiful, but I’m ugly with sin and aching pain.

So there you have it. The ugly, nasty me, angry at the perfect, loving you.
Pain Redeemed, p. 6

In her book, Natasha gives us a glimpse into the life of one struggling with infertility and depression.  She is achingly honest as she recounts her battles with her body and with God.

As she recounts her journey, she gives us a glimpse into her soul- into  longing, and need, and selfishness, and doubt, and depression.  And yet, it was right in those places of pain where God met her, again and again.

She offers no simple cure for the trials of this life, whatever they are. But she points to God who is faithful, to Christ who has overcome by His grace.

She clings to Him, even as the battle still rages.

And He is faithful.

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