Friday, November 2, 2012

You might be a writer if you do something like this.

You know you're a writer if you do something crazy like this:
I hear it calling...

It was nap time, but I didn't feel like writing. 
It was odd.  I wondered if I might be getting sick or something.

But, it's OK, I told myself, to take a break and just receive.
So I did. 

I breathed in, and I rested, for a good half hour.  It was wonderful.

It's OK, I told myself, not to write today. 
It's OK to not always be productive. 
It's OK to rest.

And then, I thought, hey, I should write a post about that!

Of course, I've done this before. Need rest today? Read these:


  1. Hehe. I love writing as well! It's honestly one of my favorite ways to express my thoughts.

  2. Hi Emily! I agree it is so nice to rest and see what God lays on your heart in the silence.
    By the way, your comment was chosen to win the tween devo I was giving away! I sent you an email too, but wanted to make sure you knew and to look out for the email! Congrats!!

  3. Good rest is always welcome! And I like how you arrived...!

  4. For me, that pull is to teach or prepare to teach. I’d wake up at 2:45 AM and be ready to teach in five minutes!

    It’s OK to rest... unless I teach!

  5. This is so true with all things creative. A little break opens the mind to more creativity and new ideas! ~heather


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