Monday, December 17, 2012

Aggie heading to Cleveland

Aggie and daddy just drove away, starting the long drive back to Cleveland.
It's time for her check-up and regular MRI.

Please pray for her today!

Just another reason I love her: 

Yesterday evening, I was walking around with tears in my eyes, and she happened to be practicing her piano. "Mommy, let me play for you!" she said. So I stopped in the doorway and listened. She played and she sang, "Away in a Manger."  I watched her fingers, and marveled at her brain and her skill, yet again.

She stopped playing and looked up at me with a proud smile. 
Then, she saw my red eyes.
"Oh mommy," she said tenderly, as if she were the mother and I were the child, "You need a hug." 
She threw her arms around me and squeezed tight.
"I know those boys are hard work," she said, "but don't worry. It's almost their bedtime."
I didn't correct her. 
I just smiled and soaked up the sweet love of my daughter.

Aggie, I'll miss you when you are at Cleveland, but I am glad daddy and Jesus are going with you.
Jesus, tend to your beautiful Aggie!

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  1. That brought tears to my eyes and I’ll pray for her surely.

  2. "Yesterday evening, I was walking around with tears in my eyes..." I like how you write this as if it's the most normal thing ever.


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