Thursday, December 13, 2012


More from Katie Davis:

“One of the questions that surprised me most was this: “Mommy, if Jesus comes to live inside my heart, will I explode?”
“No!” I proclaimed as the children and I headed to the Nile River for a few of them to be baptized that day.

Then I thought about the question a bit more.

“Yes, if Jesus comes to live in your heart, you will explode.” That is exactly what we should do if Jesus comes to live inside our hearts. We will explode with love, with compassion, with hurt for those who are hurting, and with joy for those who rejoice. We will explode with a desire to be more, to be better, to be close to the One who made us.” 

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  1. I love your answer to your little one!!! I followed your blog. It is so nice to see another Christian here. God bless you and your precious family!!!:):)


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