Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas memory

Embracing the chaos(or at least, trying to.)

Christmas morning 2012

He sat behind his pile of presents, wrapping paper stuck to one foot. 
There were no more gifts to open.  He smiled as he chewed a chocolate santa.

The little boy sighed and said, “I guess a lot of people really just love us.”

Yes, son, yes.

That is what I want you to learn and to know deep down in your little souls, that you are loved.
That is why we do the extra things at Christmas. 

That’s why I made the monkey bread late last night so we could have it for breakfast this morning.   
That’s why our family travels to see us, or we travel to see them.

We pour on the candy, the hot cocoa, the soft robes and the toy helicopters.
We light the incense, and we overflow with song.
We dress up for church, we perform and we smile and we hug.
We bake and we shop and we create.

We do it so you will know
You are loved, dear children.

May each moment, each gift, serve only to underline and emphasize that joyful, gospel Word of God for you.

A Savior has been born for you.
 You are loved.

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