Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Christmas blessing to you all.

A hymn for your enjoyment. (It's a new favorite of mine.)

The Infant Priest was Holy Born
by Chad Bird

1. The infant priest was holy born,
For us unholy and forlorn
From fleshly temple forth came he,
Anointed from eternity

2. This great High Priest in human flesh
Was icon of God’s righteousness.
His hallowed torch brought sanctity;
His hand removed impurity

3. The holy Lamb undaunted came
To God’s own alter lit with flame
While weeping angles hid their eyes,
This Priest became a sacrifice

4. But death would not the victor be
Of Him who hung upon the tree
He leads us to the Holy Place
Within the veil before god’s face

5. The veil is torn, our Priest we see,
As at the rail on bended knee
Our hungry mouths from Him receive,
The bread of immortality

6. The body of God’s Lamb we eat
A priestly food and priestly meat;
On sin parched lips the chalice pours
His quenching blood that life restores.

7. With cherubim and seraphim
Our voices join the endless hymn
And “Holy, holy, holy” sing
To Christ, God’s Lamb, our Priest and King

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