Monday, December 3, 2012

Messy Mommy Jobs & Link Up

We started out our Advent season with a little of this:


And then, the cat joined the fun.
(How dare you! Let me get my camera, and then you are SO getting out of their, you stinkin' cat!)


Too slow,joe.


And then, this happened:


That was a new one for me.  I'd never really thought of THAT space as a blank canvas, made to inspire creativity.

You may undo your creativity now, boys.

And then, this happened.
Can you guess what this is a picture of?


It was barely 8am, and the wiggly boys were already getting to me. One punched one, one poured milk on another, and I put them in the tub for a minute, with the hopes that a little water would distract them from beating each other up for a minute. It didn't. So I got one of the boys out, and I stood him on the counter to dry him and dress him. He fought me. I tried to put his shirt on. He danced. I covered him with lotion. He pounded on the mirror and laughed at my frustration. I reached for his pants.

He defiantly smashed his lotioned bottom up against the mirror.
And I was mad.
"Can't you just BE STILL for a minute! Look what you did! There are butt cheeks on my my mirror!"
As my angry words flew at him, he tried hard to look sorry, but he was trying not to laugh.
After all, mom did just yell the words, "butt cheeks."

And just like that, I saw it. The ridiculousness of it all, both the butt cheeks and my own anger. We laughed and laughed. And the entire tone of the morning was reset, just like that.

And I left them there for an entire day. They made me smile every time.


Do you have any ridiculous messy moments to share?
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  1. OH! I have had too many in my Mommy lifetime to even begin to list! Just yesterday I was pretty fired up about my sin and the condition of his bathroom. No, we do not have a house with individual bathrooms, but the one downstairs is the one exclusively used by him. Apparently in my fit I resembled a wild furry animal as my hair was askew about my head from cleaning. He tried hard...I know he did. But at 15 the sight was beyond him and he laughed. I tried to...but I STILL was stubborn and wanted to keep focused on the nasty toilet :). I chuckled, he cleaned. We're all good now!
    If I said butt cheeks it would have been all over!

  2. What a day! At least the "creativity" was in Marker...

    Mirrors today...copy machines tomorrow Emily!!! :)

  3. I wanted to link up our toilet moment but my URL is too long, so I'll put my link here instead!


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