Monday, December 10, 2012

Tend to Me: Now Available

It is not the quantity of children, but it is the blessed weight of any number of children, that makes us what we are: mothers. We find that lost mitten, practice phonics in the car, and come up with creative ways to discipline.  We hide in the shower, we collapse when the kids go to bed, and we forget to take our vitamins even though we give them to the kids. We have bad days, when we raise our voices and we cringe when we hear the word “mommy.” We have good days, when our hands willingly bake cookies and shape souls.

Our jobs are never done, and what did get done could have done better. Our hearts are too small, our bodies are too tired, to love these little people as they deserve to be loved.

The grace of God in Christ allows us to be honest about our vocation; to look to Him for what we lack, to take refuge under his grace when we feel the weight of our sin.

Mothers, let us draw strength from each other, and look to Jesus for mercy, hope, and wisdom for this impossible, wonderful vocation of motherhood.

Jesus, Good Shepherd,
Tend to us.


A collection of the most popular  devotional articles by Emily Cook
including discussion questions and Bible study helps.
Permission granted to reproduce the contents of this book for any non-profit use
with due credit given to the author.
Contact the author with questions.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to
Project 24
a mercy project for orphans in Kenya

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  1. Emily, this is a beautiful collection of devotions and a true testimony to your faith. Some of my favorite collections were included that I already have read over and over on those days when gritting my teeth through prayers just wasn't enough. I especially love the questions and bible references at the end of each devotion. They are great for further reflection and journaling.
    And the title is perfect! Lord tend to me while I tend to the others in my life. Tend to me when patience is starving, when children are crying, when family and friends deserve more than I can give. Lord tend to me like no other can. Thank you Emily for this beautiful collection.


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