Friday, January 4, 2013

Journal love.

My 'tween daughter and I still enjoy our Mother-Daughter journal.  We pass it back and forth sporadically, and it has been a good way for us to keep the lines of communication open.

When I started one with her, I also started one with Aggie.
Aggie loves making pictures for people and expressing her love that way.  So that's pretty much what we do in this pre-'tween version of the journal.

And it's wonderful.
Here's a glimpse:

"I love that you always look after me,
always take care of me,
always love me.
Since you have taken good care of me , you deserve a gift.

Oh babe, I don't deserve it, but I welcome it with my whole heart!
You are grace to me, Aggie!


  1. Aww precious! Children are so precious, beautiful, and sometimes even inspirational. I don't have any girls (yet) but I smile so much and almost cry when my son comes telling me how much he loves me and just seeing the wonderful young child he is becoming....blessings.

  2. I started a "secret mailbox" with my 5 year old (the inside cover of a seldom-used dictionary). Now that she can write, we pass notes back and forth. Not even daddy knows.

    1. oh I LOVE that idea Katy!!! How fun!


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