Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sick mama is so lame.

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Of all the modes and moods of mama, sick mama is my least favorite.

She’s no fun at all.

Her house is a mess and that makes her mad, but she is too tired to do anything about it.

She has no sense of humor.

She’s obviously weary, but she has no idea how to be both weary and loving at the same time.

The needs of her children demand of her what she cannot give without tremendous effort. She just wants to sleep, but little people won’t let her sleep, so she sits on the couch, in her robe, with her tea, and her scowl.

And how do the children react?

The Ignorant

To the littlest ones, sick mama looks just like fun mama. Their eyes are too immature to notice under-eye bags of vacant staring. They try to wrestle her. She remains passive. They push her too far, and the result is not pretty. They resolve to find trouble in another room.

The Compassionate (maybe too much)
Some children take this quite seriously, and when they discover a sick mama in their home, they immediately become sick with her. She has not the energy to argue, nor the will to untangle the knots of mental and physical suffering. Sick mama just sighs, and welcomes the other ‘sick’ ones onto her couches.

The care giver
“Mama if you are not going to church, can I stay home and take care of you?” she asked, and she meant exactly that. I told her no, but gave her ways to help before church. She did them all eagerly. When she left, the dishwasher was unloaded, the boys had their shoes on, and I had a gigantic cup of ice water.

Sick mama does do one thing well: she says thank you.

Thank you children, for taking care of me!

bear. hug.

I'll try not to be such a bear tomorrow.


  1. Have you read Bear Feels Sick by Karma Wilson? That's what your little helper(s) remind me of :). Feel better! I've had the stomach virus twice in the last month, enough that I had to call in the Daddy reinforcement. And I NEVER pull that card. I felt almost guilty doing so. Mamas just aren't "allowed" to get sick.

  2. This is so true.

    And Bear Feels Sick is a wonderful story!

  3. You forgot "suddenly sick husband." I have tested this theory. Anytime I get sick even if its not contagious, the next day my husband has the same thing! My dad experienced this phenomenon as well. Haha!

  4. I hope you didn't post this because you are sick! If you are I hope you feel better very soon. I dread being sick because Bethany doesn't understand and has no sympathy whatsoever!


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