Monday, January 14, 2013

The Book Thief

I picked up a novel late last week.
What was I thinking? I should have taken the Christmas tree down, first.
But the tree is still up, and the novel is done.

The Book ThiefThe words will not let me go.

I had to finish it, I just had to. I knew I would never write again until it was done. I was not sure I would even sleep, but I did, somehow.

I even caught myself praying for my new friends, I mean, the characters of the book.  Then I reminded
myself they were not real, and backed out of God's throne room with a red face. (Don't you hate when that happens?)

And I picked up the book again.

I will never write a book this amazing, I thought, but I didn't waste any time in self-pity. The story was just too good.  I let it consume me, and I delighted in the art, in the words.

And still, the words will not let me go.

Read about this amazing book here.
Read the rest of my review on goodreads, if you like (spoiler alert)


  1. Wow, does this book sound amazing! I have a Barnes and Noble giftcard burning a hole in my purse no longer. Thanks for the recommendation. By the way, I love your comment of "the words would not let me go." I know just what you mean. I love a book that is THAT good.


  2. I read this post earlier in the week and made a mental note to come back and comment. I read this book well over a year ago and am STILL thinking about it, especially the final pages. I have no other words other than your "amazing". It's one you just can't possibly explain unless you've read it yourself.

  3. I love this book a lot. It is one of my favourites. Stopping by from Cozy Book Hop!

  4. Love how books can pull you out of reality - of course that isn't always a good thing... I hear you about reading before getting chores done. Thanks for linking up again with Cozy Book Hop!



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