Friday, February 15, 2013

Surround them with Truth. A guest post. (Growing up with my 'tween)

Loved and lovely. Our little girls are loved and lovely, indeed.
But do they know it?

We can help them know it.

Today I welcome my friend Angie, who gives us an easy and wonderful way to help ground our little girls in God's word and God's love.

(and ourselves, too.)

Surround them with Truth
Guest post by Angie Durnil

Why did I write these verses and phrases down for my little girls and post them above their mirror?

I want them to see the words in front of them, as they get ready for the day.  I want them to read the words and commit them to memory and to heart.  I want them to recite them every time they look in the mirror.  I want them to believe the words as their own truth, because that is what they are.  The truth.    Their truth.  Our truth.

I want their habit to be a good one.  Not a bad one, like mine.  I want their self esteem to be lifted and not fallen like the heavy snow.    I know what that is like and I want more for them.   

This is especially important to me right now, because I have a tween growing in beauty and intelligence every day.    I want this lovely tween to know that true beauty comes from within and not from the cosmetic counter.  I want both of my girls to know that they were loved before they were even born.  I want them to feel it too.   I want them to know that the Lord has a plan for them and that He will continue to love them, no matter what. 

And maybe, when I have them convinced, I might even start to believe it myself.  But, when this happens; when I become weak and start to believe the lies that fill my head, I know that I am still loved.

Would you like some truth for your mirror? Help yourself to the images below!

Do you have a favorite Scripture you would add?

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